Monday, 1 October 2012

Quest for a lure caught Ruffe

Never being one to turn down a challenge or shy away from the most difficult areas of fishing to catch a fish, I was inspired the other day to seek out a new challenge.

I was lure fishing for perch on a favourite canal when along floated a fish on the surface, looks like a perch? I thought nothing more of it then 10 minutes later this same fish came floating past again in the opposite direction, this got my attention and after having a closer look I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a Ruffe. Now i can only vaguely remember catching a few of these in my youth so just seeing one dead or alive was a nice sight. It had only just died by the look of it and still held an amazing array of colours, most of which don't show well in the photo below.

Obviously my next thought was going to be "I'd like to catch one of these......... on a lure!"

Nothing wrong with a challenge but with the numbers of these fish diminishing I'd imagine it to be a very difficult challenge indeed.
My first port of call would be to ask any bait anglers I see in the area to see how many if any get caught on bait, this will give me an idea of numbers and rarity in that area.
The next thing I would do is go fish some areas with worms and hopefully catch one or two, if this is the case I'll have abit of an idea of areas they frequent. I could then target these areas with small artificial works jigged on the bottom slowly.

I would never assume it to be that easy, but there is always a chance and its exciting to try something new, for now thought the biggest challenge would be breaking away from the big perch hunting as its the best time of year for it and I'd like to get a few 3lbers before the cold sets in.

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