Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Perch Portraits

I just can't help myself when out fishing for perch, I just have to photograph them regardless of size, they are such a fantastic looking fish. I'm always trying to capture the 'essence' of perch, the aggressive spiky dorsal, the blue sheen on there cheeks or the subtle greens and golds in the body.
I had a reasonable hour or 2 today with over 20 fish, nothing special but a few needing netting. I'd have done allot better if the boats hadn't have spoiled things!
I messed around with the camera trying to capture some of that perch 'essence'



  1. Good to see you getting out mate after your recent bout of the trots. Sounds like a fun day, much better than the one I've just had shopping!

  2. Yeah! I went again today and only caught 2 small uns. It was chuffin freezin so glad to be home now...a sign of times to come