Thursday, 27 September 2012

Welcome to my Perch Blog!

Its seems all I'm posting about at the minute is Perch! Throughout the year i go through lots of phases of fishing certain venues or techniques, or targeting specific species. You have to make the most of what you can find so when conditions etc are right its always best to go with an approach that will provide the best action for the time.
In summer I do allot of pike fishing with surface lures, in winter I do allot of grayling fishing on the fly, in spring I target the pre spawn pike with jerkbaits and swimbaits, my year is always revolving, at present its the best time to get good results with big perch so that's what I'm concentrating on.

Today I was abit optimistic about the colour of the water with all the rain we have had and seeing the rivers just about holding there banks, and in some places not! Its amazing to see just how much water has fallen this week! despite the water being very coloured I did ok and caught into double figures most of which were a good size of fish.

The method that worked today was a very slow jig with lots of pauses, its great fun watching the rod tip like a quiver rod and suddenly seeing it rattle away or thud right over as you jig the shad up. I'm beginning to think I've missed out on allot of fish over the year by not thinking about what I'm doing. I've stuck with my usual retrieve style for too long and blamed not catching as many as usual on the fish not being interested. In reality the water has been allot more coloured and more often, so it should have made sense to slow things right down and give the fish longer to find the lure, this is why jigging works very well as they see the lure and react to it allot quicker than when your just retrieving constantly and pulling it away from fish before they have fully locked onto it, which is then lost in the coloured water. The last two times I've spent more time jigging slowly I've caught allot more fish.

Here's a few photos from today including a mussel which took a fancy to my kopyto, or was it the other way round!


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