Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another crazy pike session.

I was out today again fishing with small kopyto's hoping for a fish or two, things were very slow and allot of water was fished with not allot of activity. i dropped a few fish but really nothing was showing, not even the pockets of small perch.
With an ever increasing back pain from all the walking with a rucksack on, It was decided to head back. Finally a fish was on and a lovely conditioned pike was landed, thinking back to my session the other day, I cast back out to the same spot. Low and behold another fish was on and a better pike was on the bank, another cast and another pike! That was 3 pike in 3 casts to the same spot in the same swim. The 4th cast didn't produce but the 6th or 7th did and yet another fine pike was on the bank.
That was to be all the action I would see for the day, a crazy spell of pike from one swim and the rest of the day with allot of nothingness.

I went home half pleased with the days events but was pleased when i looked back at the photos and saw what really well conditioned and clean pike they were.

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