Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Still enjoying the perch

Any time soon the perch will be a forgotten memory until late spring next year when they start to show there faces again. I always like to enjoy them at this time of year when there at there best and fully fed for winter. I've noticed in previous years that as soon as you feel your fingers tingling with the cold its not long after that the perch seem to disappear.

So today I was out again looking for some perch and again I was distraught to find the water very heavily coloured, Ive proved to myself just recently that this doesn't signal the end but it certainly cuts down your chances of getting more fish. Today the visibility was down to about 4" but on top of that it was cold with a very strong wind that made the fishing difficult and not enjoyable to be out in.

I soon started to get the odd knock here and there and sure enough a few fish followed. I was also lucky enough to get one of those takes that makes you think you've snagged something, before checking your rod tip and seeing it bounce away, a very enjoyable feeling! The fish came into sight quite early and was surprised that it looked a very good fish and also that it didn't fight for that long. Another 3lber had made it all worth while suffering in the wind, it was a very long fish and had it been a barrel bodied fish like allot of the big perch can be it would have been closer to 4lb. I casted back to the same area after releasing the fish and soon enough another whack round on the rod tip and another good fish was shaking its head, sadly it didn't stay on for long and whatever remained of the shoal had now moved off as try as i may i couldn't latch into anymore.

I went on to bank about 10 fish which I was pleased with given the conditions of the water and the weather, the smaller fish were in full bristling colour with vivid orange fins and lit up blue cheeks. Such a magnificent looking fish!


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