Friday, 26 October 2012

Long awaited fluff chucking session

Sometimes things just seem to go against your plans, Ive been meaning to get out with the fly rod for pike recently but every time I've wanted to, something has not been right. Anyway I finally got a couple of hours earlier this week, and all though I'd have preferred just a touch more clarity in the water than was available it didn't mean the end of my chances. The sport was still very slow on the stretch of canal I fished but I did manage a couple of fish, nothing big but cracking markings.

Theres another stretch I will probably fish next week that usually fishes better but its a more challenging stretch for fly fishing due to the marginal vegetation and high banks. If its not too cold I want to also give this stretch a go from a wading point of view. I've never waded this canal before but think it will give me a good stance if i just wade out a little past the vegetation, i can also then fish the margin more effectively.

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