Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Exploring Canals

On Sunday I was up bright and early to meet up with Paul from River Piker  the plan was to start early so we could get to our chosen spot and be there for when the sun started to rise. So at 5:30am we was on our way, the sun didnt really make an appearance for a good few hours which was just aswell because we had to make numerous divertions to get there and the thick fog in places made it difficult to see.

Finally tackled up, ready to go and the light starting to improve we made our way to the waters edge to explore some new stretchs of canal. Our aim was to fish with Kopyto shads as we knew the canal produces allot of perch and theres always the chance of pike so the kopyto's gave us the best chance at either and there great to work new areas and get a feel for contours and what structure is on the bottom. Im really enjoying fishing with just kopyto shads, its one of those lures that can produce anything at anytime as i've found out recently with perch from 2 oz upto and over 3lb and pike upto 21lb! even trout and chub can't resist.

It was'nt long before we started to get interest, I'd missed a solid take on the drop so cast back to the same spot and this time I was ready and hooked the fish. We was'nt sure what it was, either a smaller pike or a large perch but it ended up being neither as a nice chunky chub came into view. A pleasent surprise and a good start to the session.

Paul was then into some action with a string of missed takes from small pike in the margins, finally a better fish was on and he was off the mark too. We continued exploring and after knowing there were chub about i started casting under far bank bushes and such places that chub might hang out. This payed off as another nice fish was tempted.

We then hit abit of a dead patch and didnt see anymore fish for awhile so we pressed on exploring and finding lots of great features that would probably fish better in the warmer months. We then came to a lock and enjoyed some much needed sport in the form of lots of small perch that were hammering the kopytos on every cast.

My thoughts started to wonder towards getting a treble so after we had enjoyed the perch and pressed on from that area we slowly made our way back to where we started to see if I could find a pike and if Paul could find a chub he'd also be onto a treble. My luck was in as after a short while a little pike obliged to make my treble.

We fished for abit trying to find Pauls chub but it didnt happen. I was feeling pretty ill throughout the day which was getting worse so it was decided to have a quick go at a familiar spot before calling it a day. Nothing further showed up and I eventually go home for some much needed sofa time! An enjoyable day despite the ill feelings but when its fishing you have to push on through it!

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