Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A string of perch save the day

Making the most of good fishing while it is good makes sense really so the other day I went in search of some big perch again. I find this the best time to target perch as they feed up for winter.
I was disappointed once again when i got on the bank to find it really coloured, this time much worse than I've seen it for some time, probably less than 6". This clarity doesn't really bode well at 16 odd feet down so I'd have to hope the fish were switched onto there other senses.
Things were slow as expected and i only managed to find 3 small perch in a couple of hours, but this was about to change. I must have landed on a shoal of bigger fish as i had 3 good sized perch in short succession. The best was probably close to 3lb so this made up for a few hours of struggling.


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