Thursday, 29 November 2012

Its all about lure building.

Well as the title suggests Ive hardly done any fishing of late, the weather has been terrible and the flooding just hasn't left me with anywhere left to fish. So I've basically been hammer and tongs with the lure building. Only got a couple finished at the minute but more to come, just thought I'd add some photos as with the lack of fishing I don't have much to blog about at the minute. I'd bought some holographic flecks a while ago that i found in a shop, i often scout around shops for bits and bobs i can use in my lure and fly building. I decided to give the flecks a go, I wanted to try a tiger pattern lure in a different colour scheme so used the flecks for the belly area. I could have done to have put a couple of clear coats over the flecks before spraying the lures but rushed into it with just the one coat. The trouble is the flecks don't sit flat in all areas so after one coat i had to sand the bits smooth that were sticking out, this is when i should have coated them again. You can't really notice any problems with the finish but being a perfectionist I know when i could have done something just that small percent better. around the edges of the eyes would have been abit crisper but never mind you pick up these little things as you try new stuff. I'm quite happy with this pattern its a very bright luminous yellow that should show well in dim light conditions. I found it really difficult to photograph the flecks, it was quite a sunny day so it was either bright sun or shade to take the photos in, I hope you can make them out on the underneath.


I also had an Aad Dam 'Mini Toppie' that someone wanted re-finnishing in a tiger pattern so I ran this at the same time as the other two.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Lures

So as I mentioned i've been busy with lure building just recently as a result of not getting out much fishing, infact my last two fishing sessions have resulted in a blank so im in no rush to get out again soon! Much prefering the warm house and shed! I've really been improving my stencilling skills with my latest lures, which as you can see below include some pike finnishes along with some rainbow trout smolt and baitfish patterns.



Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lots in the pipline

I'm really getting back into my lure building at the minute, I have lots of things in the pipeline with lots of new things I'm working on that I'm excited about. Here a set I just finished this morning, It was another set that came out of left over paint. I like to make use of the paint Ive mixed and you get interesting colour combinations that you wouldn't have thought doing if it wasn't for the fact that those were the colours mixed at the time.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Regaining Confidence

Just recently the fishing has been abit poor with less than good conditions, you start to lose confidence at this time of year as the blanks start to look more likely and often than not its not very nice being out in the elements. Sometimes you can go out and have a blinding session and other times it seems devoid of fish, this is what you have to put up with in winter.

Today I visited a little river tributary where I go to get away from it all, being in the middle of no-where its not often you see anyone else. I pulled up to find it starting to flow back into the main river and quite heavily coloured, again my confidence wained as i was in need of a half decent session.

I had nothing better to do so thought I'd give it a bash, and within 3 casts I was into a nice stocky jack. great fun and it actually took some line on the jerkbait outfit. I was using an old jerkbait I made a few years ago that has always done well in coloured water due to the combination of flash and black, maybe I should make some more as within a short while I was into another jack.

I moved away from the area I started and walked a couple of miles to another spot that usually produces, but by now the river had started to flow quite strong as it drained off into the main river. I spent abit of time fishing then headed back casting along the margins where the fish might have gone to get out of the flow. I had another few jacks one of which was a lovely little jack with a really nice colouring.

I saw many tracks in the soft mud at the edge of the bank, and thought the above tracks looked like otter, there is also a fox print in there too if you can spot it!
So all in all I really enjoyed my couple of hours and went away happy with getting 5 fish in the very coloured and difficult water, its funny how your confidence can soon be regained after just one good session.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The start of my winter lure building

So the weather is now turning worse and the fishing is starting to tail off, I still go fishing at this time of year but i do cut it down. Its just not pleasant being out constantly in the elements blanking. If I can find some good sport i will be out more often, but in general its hard work.
So to fill my time while not fishing I tend to build more lures on the run up to Christmas. It keeps the interest going and its nice to dedicate abit of time to building.

So I started off with a small batch of red head jerkbaits and refinished a couple of large Cobbs jerkbaits for a couple of people. I really like my rainbow trout finish and hope they will do well on chew, as both are destined for the lake of dreams!

As far as the fishing front goes, I've not really had much chance to fish, but did get out Sunday for a canal session with Paul from 'River Piker' Go check out his Blog and read more about our day out. The canal was quite coloured and it was a real struggle but we did end up catching a few small pike so as always it was worth being out and not stuck indoors. Paul took this photo of me fishing, I think its a fantastic shot, I don't often get photos of myself in action so it was nice to see Paul's photo.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I had an enjoyable day out on Tuesday, I've had this week off for half term so Ive been keen to get some time away from the kids and the decorating!

So Tuesday I visited a local canal, everything seemed perfect, the weather, the water condition and the atmosphere. I started off with the fly rod and it wasn't long before I had action from a couple of feisty jacks.

I fished on but it was getting difficult to find swims with good access and room for a back cast as by now the banks were quite high and I was having to drop down into the waters edge. I had allot of time left so decided to make the most of it and head back to the car for a swap of tactics. I put my waders on which would enable me to access allot more water getting out to the edge of the overgrown margins. I switched the fly outfit for my ultralight outfit, this canal has a very low average size of pike in the 2-3lb bracket so the ultralight outfit would be perfect to enjoy them. I'd sorted a box of lures out the night before and had include some 9.5cm savagear soft 4plays, I'd bought them when they came out as you do but had never really got round to giving them allot of water time. I use the 19cm ones, but have never used the smaller ones as i tend to use other lures as favourites when fishing ultralight.
I rigged the small ones onto the lip skulls and I have to say they were perfect for the venue, they run at just about the right depth, not too deep that they catch the weed and cabbages and not too shallow, they would run just above the cover which was ideal. it was really good fun flicking them out into all the tight places and likely looking areas and the pike really responded to them. I was getting follows and takes and most that took where connected only dropping a few off. Most pike were of the usual small size but I enjoyed a couple that were abit bigger over the 5lb bracket with the fish below being the biggest.
I ended up with 8 pike all together but it felt like more due to the follows and missed takes. Looking forward to going back and trying again with the soft 4plays and they will now get more water time!