Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year optimism

The year pretty much ended in the same fashion it had been all year, wet with flooded waters! I've not been able to get out fishing much this winter as my local venues have suffered with all the rain we have had and Ive just not had the time or opportunity to drive further away looking for fishable venues.

I've been keeping my eye out on a local canal that despite being river fed has been clearing up quite nicely, I missed the best time when it had really good clarity but with abit of extra colour this last week it was still looking fishable. The reason I haven't fished it before now is the fact that its a perch venue and in recent years the perch all but disappear once you get a few frosts, this had made me reluctant to get out and try.

Today the opportunity and time finally came to get out and have a go, so off I went for some much needed fresh air. Things were slow as expected but I was pleasantly surprised to get a fish quite early on and this trend continued with a few more fish here and there. The shoal seemed to move about abit so it was a case of finding them and casting back to the same spot as soon as releasing a fish, I did this and managed a few each time before the takes dried up and the shoal moved on.

I was fishing with the ever faithful Kopyto shad and working them extremely slowly along the bottom, finding many new snags along the way that had previously not been there.

I enjoyed a final flurry back towards the car casting under a bridge that seemed to be packed with much smaller fish taking shelter and i was enjoying a take a chuck although not everyone stuck. In the end I was disappointed being disrupted by a fox hunt as I'm sure i would have gone on the build a really good tally for the time of year, although the 21 I did mange was not to be sniffed at.

While I'm out I'm always taking photos of fish for reference in my lure building and I got a good close up of a freshly dead roach that i found in the margin, Its given me a few more ideas for lure finishing.

All in all I really enjoyed my session and fish of 2013 and I'm feeling optimistic for the year ahead, hopefully a better fishing year than the last!

Happy New Year!

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