Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another Handfull

As I previously mentioned, I've been working on small jerkbaits recently for use with my light baitcaster, although its not the best time of year for it, I can't wait to give these a go in the warmer months!
I've just finished another batch and I'm really liking and enjoying the direction they are taking me. Its a good thing when you are full of ideas and cannot get on with things quick enough.

First up are some I did in a bright pattern, again I'm still experimenting with abit of carving and i really like the simplicity of the 3D carved cheek detail on these ones, nothing too fancy but just a suggestion of detail.

The next ones were another go at carving gill detail and laying foil over, I really like these ones and the foil runs right down the body so they will give off allot of flash.

I did these ones alongside the carved/foiled ones above but wanted to do the same 'minnow' colouration but by spraying gills etc with stencils

And last up is a few 5cm 7.5g cranks I did ready for the summer chub, these are shallow running and have a very fast wobble when retrieved. When i get round to making my own tiny rattles these should really make allot of noise with rattles inside.



  1. Great stuff matt have you recived your new rod yet

  2. Hi Rab, yes I did, if you look at the post before and after this one, you will see it ;)



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