Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Decorations

Well worked slowed down abit over the Christmas break, but I did manage to get something finished. I've never been one for sitting down, my ass must be like a 16yr olds as it never gets used! So theres one thing I don't like about Christmas and that's the sitting about and visiting Obviously it had to be done, but where I could get away with it I was carrying on the work I enjoy I have tonnes of stuff I'm on with at the minute and really I'm probably trying to tackle too much and trying too many new things at once but never mind, you have to push yourself as much as you can. So these are more perch patterns i finished over the last week, I wanted to use the perch pattern I had tried with my last work but wanted to use the pattern in conjunction with more vibrant colours. Again the use of tight scales over multiple colours worked really well and i love the effect you get with the yellow/orange perch, as you turn the lure at different angles the different colours show through more. I also dug out some holographic material i found a while ago and used that as a background in the eyes of the red stripe perch, its really nice stuff and it twinkles allot. I have plans to use the material to cover some lures and have all ready covered a couple of ultralights first to try it out before i use it on my jerkbaits.

 One of the other things I have been working on is very small jerkbaits, I'm due to get a light/ultralight jerkbait rod soon so I wanted to make smaller versions of my jerkbaits to use with the outfit. You could also use these on a fixed spool outfit as they are only 3" and weigh about 14grams. I'm still playing about with them at the minute so just gave them a basic finish, I also gave them tiny 3D eyes like there bigger brothers.
Now if the bleeding weather sorts itself out i might be able to get out and actually find some fishable water! Roll on 2013 and hopefully better fishing prospects than last year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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