Thursday, 31 January 2013


I needed to test lures today and was hopeful I could get abit of fishing done at the same time, the wind was really strong all day while I was driving around at work so knew it would be hard fishing.
When I arrived on the bank, not only was i met with bad colour again but also lumpy water

This photo doesn't even show the half of it, allot of the time there was waves and white water which kept getting airborne and blowing in my face. Not being one for giving in, I thought it was better to be out in the elements trying than being at home.

As expected it was really hard to keep in any contact with the soft plastics I was fishing, the wind and water movement would put a big bow in the line which was pulling my lure away all the time and the strong wind was blowing the rod so any sign of a fish was very difficult. It was bloody freezing and it wasn't long before my hands were suffering.

I managed to find abit of water that was slightly shelters and blowing from behind me so I thought i would try a different tactic. If I had any chance of catching today, I thought it would come by fishing lures extremely slowly to give the fish the chance to see the lure and for me to keep a taught line so I could see any interest. I chose a big worm and rigged it in a way so that i could basically drag it along the bottom very slowly. It was awhile coming but eventually a fish picked up my worm and it felt like a good fish, with only just getting the new rod, i wasn't actually sure about the fish or its size as I've not used the rod enough to be able to judge things like this. Finally a nice perch surfaced and I scrambled down to net it in a panic as it was a very nice one!

I didn't weigh it but it was most likely in the 3lb bracket and it seemed a very long fish. I was really happy with that result as i could have not bothered and gone home instead but I was rewarded for persevering in the harsh weather.

I fished on till i had to leave to pick up the rug rats from school, and managed a little greedy beggar just before leaving.

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