Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Local potential

Just got in from a local session with Neil on the boat, we finally got round to trying a localish spot we have had our eyes on for a few years now but never got round to fishing as we didn't want to risk wasting the chance of a full day on a venue we knew we could do well on. Our plan was to get on it after work and fish into the evening as it was local enough to do that and gave us enough time to try it out and suss out the potential if any for a full days go at it.

We got set up and Neil set us on our way ready for a troll downstream, i flicked my tail dancer over my shoulder and no sooner had it settled into its path than a jack hit it and we was off the mark straight away. I flicked back out and a perch took it straight away!

It didn't carry on like that but it was steady sport. We didn't want to go too far as we was limited for time,  it was more a case of just trying a few spots, seeing what the depths were like and seeing what potential there was by any fish we caught. I chose to fish the taildancer as it would get down deep, be big enough to attract a decent pike but not too big that it would put off perch. It seemed like a perch magnet as i was getting quite a few which was a surprise as we expected most of the action to be from pike.
I'd say the majority was in the perch favour by the end of the session but we managed a good number of both with a tally of fish into the 30's that was enough from a tester session to really encourage us. We didn't even fish some of the best spots on the river.

The few highlights of the session was a nice 2lbish perch for Neil, a mid double that Neil lost off then right at the end a couple of half decent pike to finish off with, Neils maybe just tipping double.

There's was some real good signs for potential and we cannot wait to get back there for a full day at it.

Last week i got out for a few short perching sessions, nothing big caught but some decent enough lumps to put a bend in ultralight rods. There in super condition at this time of year and even the smaller fish are stunningly coloured.

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