Sunday, 5 October 2014

Recent ties

Thought I would stick up a few more recent flies, I've also been really wanting to give tube flies a go. I like the idea of them being versatile in that you can change the hooks if they get damaged, another thing that appeals to me also is the fact that you can position hooks further back in the fly for bites where the fish are just nipping. The best example of how this is done is by Nicklaus Bauer, his tube flies and rigs look brilliant and i love the look and style of his tube flies.
I was bored yesterday so thought I'd knock up a device for my vice to hold a tube and try and tie a Bauer inspired tube fly. As previously mentioned I'm still building up my collection of materials so i don't have everything to do a good job of these but I'm pleased with what i have done. The heads are a little on the small size really this being down to the lack of materials for that job. I don't usually fish this big (12"+) as the waters i fish don't hold a decent number of bigger fish so i don't feel i need to fish big. I'll be interested to see what results i get with them though, whether or not i still catch the same amount of smaller fish, if the hook ups are good and if the material wraps round the hooks at all.

I got out the other day too for a few hours and caught on the bait fish flies pictured below, I'm building a serious addiction for PFF now!

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