Monday, 27 October 2014

Rifle Pike

The start of my week off work saw me out with my mate Mart, hes mad keen on fly fishing so it was great to get out with someone that shared the interest. We don't often get out together as Mart works night so fishing time is very limited and doesn't match when I'm free. We decided on a new stretch of water, when I'm off work and have more time to fish i like to use the opportunity to fish places i can't when I'm only able to grab a few hours. Things started off slow but eventually Mart got into a fish, I was pleased at this as Mart has recently moved and doesn't have the local pike fishing he used to have. The pike only just stretched out a little longer than the fly he was using but a fish is a fish! I missed a couple of takes before mart was in again and this time a better fish. I wanted to try mixing the photos up a bit as lots of photos all looking the same can get a bit boring, so here's a standard pike photo and one done in a 'rifle' pose, super condition fish.


We walked quite a bit of water with no action other than a follow from a big perch to Mart and a follow of a good pike for me, eventually i hooked up and was glad to get of the mark with a rifle... erm.. i mean pike.

We caught a few more smaller pike and Mart nearly tempted more decent perch but that was it, definitely more hard work than reward, i think that's the longest Ive fly casted for and I'm bloody knackered. Was great to see Mart though and chat about fluff and fancy hooks.

Onto day two of my week off, not sure what my plan is yet but I'm on my own for this one and cannot make my mind up where to go, watch this space...

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