Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ticking along nicely..

Been out just a few times since my last post, although the fishing has been a bit slower its definitely the best time of year to be out. 
I managed to get out with Neil for a few hours as Ive not fished with him allot recently. I put the fly rod down for this session and we went to target some canal pike, as it turned out the pike were not playing ball but Neil got a result with a cracking 3lb perch.

I enjoyed the change of method but I'm really addicted to fly rodding for pike at the minute so had to get my fix for the week. Again the pike were not as on it as previous sessions, possibly down to the cold nights and warm days confusing them a little or making them feed at certain times. I managed a few fish though which satisfied my craving.

Still really enjoying my tying too, its great to be able to relax at home and do something fishing related, and its much more comfortable sat tying then in a cold damp shed making lures.

I thought I'd have a change again today and went with soft plastics for the perch, there starting to shoal up nicely now and i had quite a few with a couple of 2lbers mixed in.

The highlight was literally the last cast, which produced a clonker of a fish, it was absolutely stuffed and a shame i didn't have any working scales as its been a long time since Ive seen a fish of this size, it was never going to threaten my PB which is into 4's but this fish would certainly have gone into the meaty side of 3lb with the girth of it! It makes my reel look tiny! A bit disappointed with the self take, there not the easiest fish to get a good representation of there scale in photos and even more so with self takes.

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