Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Steady Morning

Today i was up early again and heading for a river spot, Ive still got pike on the brain at the minute and have really ignored the autumn perch fishing this year which is a shame. You can't help what your enjoying though and sticking with what you really want to do, besides its not as if i don't catch enough big perch so I'm not really missing that much.

I'm also really enjoying my fly tying and have been tying and catching mainly on my blended flash flies. I just love the look of them and the pike don't seem to mind either.

The morning started off great with two fish in two casts and they were really good takes, i was kind of up a highish bank looking down and saw the pike following the fly into the shallow margin as if it was herding it there. Then just as the fly got with in a foot of the margin the pike surged inhaled the fly and turned at speed, i love takes like that. I ended up with 8 pike with the scabby looking fish below being the best of the session. It felt like id been fishing for ages despite probably only getting water side at about 8:00am but when i checked the time after my stomach started rumbling it was only 12:00. I thought I'd head back to the car and fill my face. I don't usually take a break from fishing i just fish till i drop, the only time id really eat is when heading back to the car to change spots etc. It was nice to just take time out to sit and have a bite to eat and a rest, in fact i was so content with how the morning had gone i didn't feel like i needed to fish on so scrapped my ideas for venue two and just headed home. Its quite a hard slog fishing day after day all week and really its often not as enjoyable as you'd think, i do prefer when you haven't fished for a day or two and you have the desire to get out.

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