Thursday, 23 October 2014

Some for the moaners...

Apparently someone has been moaning that I'm catching too many fish, I don't really know the details, and I'm not really that bothered but its good to know my blog gets read at least. I hate that side of fishing, all the moaning and bitching behind peoples backs borne purely out of jealousy. I suppose i must be doing well if Ive sparked off some jealousy, not a bad problem to have i suppose lol.
Those moaning probably come across multiple postcode regions to fish my local waters and then bitch about what I'm doing on them, classy eh! Wouldn't surprise me if there also posting the fish its taken them years to catch on the biggest social media platform on the world bar none, then moan about a few photos i post on a small probably hardly even read much personal blog, oh the irony. I'm guessing its either someone local that is jealous I'm doing well cos there doing shit, or someone coming from further away trying to lay claim to waters they don't own jealous cos there shit, either way, your shit!

If your reading, massage your green eyes on some more fish, and check in now and again (probably to spy on what I'm doing if truth be known) as there will be allot more to come so get over it and try harder...


  1. Haters always be hatin mate - they just can't catch the fish like you do!
    Keep haulin!

  2. Well i for one am jealous, and yes compared to me you are catching too many fish, but reading this blog i know you have put the effort and the hours in to get those kind of rewards and for me this is also a place to come and learn so thanks and keep pissing people off.

  3. Thanks chaps, appreciate the support.