Saturday, 30 August 2014

Holiday LRF

Last week i was away for a short holiday on the north east coast, it was planned for awhile and I'd planned a spot of fishing while i was over near the coast. I arranged to meet up with Paul who was going to drive over in the morning.
I wanted to try for flat fish on the beach so got up really early to fit in a few hours of the high tide before Paul came over. It was a cracking morning after the the weather the previous day had been really windy and the sea was really rough smashing up against the breakers.

Sadly the previous days rough seas had coloured the shallow beach and whipped up a load of sea weed, the sea was still pretty rough too so i couldn't wade out far enough without a big wave going over my waders. When i did make casts i was just snagging loose weed all the time. I got frustrated and just went for a walk where i bumped into a small seal literally a few rod lengths away, as soon as it saw me it made for the sea.
I called it a day and headed back for a fry up while i waited for Paul.

When Paul arrived we headed off for a rocky mark that we knew still had good depth while the tide was at its lowest, the plan was to fish there before moving off to fish a harbour in the evening when there was the next high tide.
We started off in some rock pools for the blennies and scorpion fish and my first fish was a tiny scorpion. They are really aggressive and they often just inhale any size bait straight away before trying to get back into there lair.

Next up was some blennies, these are different to the scorpions as they will often just try and nibble the lures rather than inhale it so if sight fishing you have to time it right when they take enough of the isome in.

We didn't give the pools too long before moving to the deeper water, it was quite busy with fishermen so we had to find our spot, this spot didn't produce anything but it was quite rough and hard to fish.
We moved off to another spot that looked a little calmer, Paul started catching pollack on casting jigs while i was struggling to get down to any depth. I had come prepared for LRF really as i could only bring so much in the car with all the other luggage in too so just concentrated on LRF stuff along with a the fly gear.
It was evident that around 40g was needed to get down deep enough to the pollack and this was not possible for me, Paul caught a hand full of pollack and was just settling into the shoal until he snagged and lost his jigs so we were both now left with nothing to get us down deep enough. A lesson learnt, we don't fish saltwater often as its far away from where we live so we pick up little tips and tricks along the way for next time. This was a good example of that and we would have to stock up on some jigs and heaver gear for another trip.

It was soon time to make our way back and drive to the harbour so we could get into position for a few hours up and down of high tide.
Paul wanted to try bait and had brought a heaver rod to cast the big weights needed for this so i left him watching his rod tip while i started to fish small bits of isome on a jig head down the edge of the wall. This was proving difficult as there was something down there that i kept snagging, it was reasonably easy to pull out of so i presumed the wall edge was covered in weed. I got a rattle on the tip eventually and the first fish was another scorpion which i never tire of catching.

I changed from isome to a Gulp fish fry and this brought a small pollack, hoping i had found a shoal i dropped back down but nothing else came of it.

Despite catching numerous crabs and another scorpion not allot was really happening so i changed over to a drop shot rig and fished about a foot off the bottom hoping to pick up a flattie with a whole isome.
Meanwhile Paul was getting bites but was struggling to hook any of them despite getting a flattie to the surface before it shook the hook.
After a couple of casts with the drop shot rig, which i had cast right out instead of down the wall i got a decent rattle and hooked a fish, whatever it was it was small, and turned out to be a weaver. I didn't really know the full extent of the risk of there sting but chose to play it safe by shaking them off rather than handle them. 
I cast back out and it was evident there was lots of these weavers about as i kept catching them, by now Paul was getting frustrated with the missed takes on bait and presumed something small was taking it so he also set up drop shot and we bagged a load of weavers. We kept at it hoping for a flattie but none of the bait guys on the harbour were catching anything and usually they would be bringing loads of flatties in.

The weavers dried up eventually or at least it was proving hard to hook any of the takes all of a sudden which was odd because they had been really easy to hook obviously being very aggressive. It didn't take too long to hook what was probably the answer to all of the sudden missed takes. A shoal of Launce must have taken over as i picked a couple of these up which were proving really hard to hook.

The last action of the day if you can call it that came in the form of a tiny cod which i caught closer to where water was rushing in along a harbour wall. That brought up my 6th species for the day with a couple of new ones for me. It wasn't really what we had hoped for but this was the north east coast and its not as abundant with species as the slightly warmer waters of the south. 
We learnt some more stuff though and tried a few different things that worked so next time we will have more ideas and options to catch again.


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