Thursday, 4 September 2014

A surprise jumper

Popped out today for a couple of hours perch fishing, Ive not done allot of lure fishing recently and really enjoyed using my drop shot gear at the coast last week so thought id go use it on the perch. The plan was to cast around a bit with jigs to see where the fish were and if they were not too high up in the water i would switch to drop shot.

I got a nice perch early on but soon realised that there didn't seem to be many fish about, its been a rubbish summer really, I'm just waiting for it to get a bit cooler so the fishing improves.

I decided to move area and as i did i kept casting to the far bank and trying to find the fish in different depths of water. I'd only just cast in and was reeling in the little bit of slack to stay in contact when something slammed the soft plastic. I expected it to be a perch but it then jumped clean out of the water, strange i thought as Ive never had that happen with a perch before. As it came closer i could see it wasn't a perch, it was a nice Ide. It was my first on lure having previously catching a couple on fly. Ide really are aggressive fish, much more so than chub i would say.

I never changed to drop shot in the end as i got carried away with the capture of the ide and tried casting around with smaller lures and keeping them just a few feet deep to see if i could catch anymore.
I had a few more perch and ended off with the beast below. Not the best of short sessions but it keeps me going till i can next get out.

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