Saturday, 9 August 2014

Passing time in a rut..

I seem to be in a bit of a rut at the minute, i can't get out much because of the kids school holiday and things just seem to be going wrong which means when I'm stressed or in a bad mood i cannot get out fishing to calm myself down. Fishing is enjoyment but the more i fish the more i realise how it suits my life and how therapeutic it is for me.

So the day i got out was Wednesday, things started off really good with three pike on the fly rod in quick succession along with a few follows. Nothing big but i did catch the jack below which was an amazing colour, the tail and fins were like the colour you normally see on a big fish. It was great fun on the fly rod too with two of the fish being sight fished.

Just i was settling into the session i got the third jack on and it just so happens i was being watched at the time, not sure if this added extra pressure but i made a right tit of myself, firstly the bank was very steep so i could not chin the fish so i took my bag off to get my net. As i pulled my net off i knocked my bag and it went rolling down the bank into the river! Luckily the river margin was very shallow despite being silty. I saw the bag look like it was going to drift off but luckily it held, meanwhile i still had the fish to sort, i had to extend my net so as i usually do one handed, i stood on the net while pulling up on the handle, the net ripped of the corner of the frame..DAMMIT! anyway it did provide me with a good hook to get my bag back with, as i lifted my bag up i remembered where my camera was.... for god sake!
I've dropped cameras in before and they have come back to life so wasn't too worried although its not a great feeling as its happening.

Sadly this time my camera didn't come back to life but knowing how easy it is to drop them and done it a few times i got my camera covered for mishap or damage. So today off to the shop to get a new one, the only ones that were in the price range were out of stock, typical! so now i have to wait until i can get to another of the same retailers stores.

Being stuck at home with no fishing i thought i would use the time to build some lures to raise money for a new rod i really want, so this morning i set about it. Into the shed and realised i didn't really have the wood i needed, i had a few bits but they were not the same as what I'm used to using, they have a different density basically so need a whole new weighting set up. I started to get frustrated and didn't really have the mojo to be building lures, however i remembered that i had a few blanks already half finished so i could get on with those at least. While digging those out i then noticed i didn't even have any screw eyes left to build anymore lures...ARGGHH!

Ive also been doing some more fly tying, pike flies in particular and even that's being going rubbish, i just can't seem to think what to do and when i try to do something it ends up being a mess. I managed to pull the three below out the bag which aren't too bad but it still left me even more frustrated.

So that's it, pretty hacked off at the minute and no chance to calm myself down with some fishing, my main drive at the minute is my next purchase which is an upgrade of my pike fly rod. To fund that I'm having to part with jerkbaits from my own collection that Ive really had to force my hand to take them out there boxes, having made them myself and putting the time and effort into them i always find it hard to part with them. When i build lures i generally make multiples so that i can keep some and now I'm having to reluctantly part with those.

I'm just going to have to grin and bare it for about 3-4 weeks till the kids go back to school and hopefully everything else that's hacking me off sorts itself out.

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