Saturday, 23 August 2014

New rod just had to get christened

My new rod turned up today when i wasn't expecting it, so this evening after I'd made the tea and looked like i was making an effort to tidy up a bit, i popped in the inevitable question.... "Do you mind if i go try out my new rod love?"

The answer was yes and i was out the door in a flash, I've been looking forward to this rod for awhile now and with going away next week i didn't think id even get it let alone get to try it out before i went.
The rod in question is my new pike fly rod, a Vision Big Daddy 9' #9.

Although casting was a little tricky with the overgrown venue i got a sense that the rod was going to be great in open space. It loaded allot easier than my previous rod and was lighter too.
It wasn't long before i had some interest and i saw a fish flash at my fly but missed, so i quickly cast back out again and the fish took on the drop but i pulled the fly out with a hesitated pull. I cast back out for a third time and the fish took confidently. A reasonable jack but it felt great to get a fish on the new rod. 
I've noticed recently that when using flies and missing a take or a fish misses the fly you often get multiple repeat chances, this isn't the same with lure fishing. I think the fact that the flies are next to nothing, by that i mean theres no substance to them like a hard lure so when a fish takes it or snaps at it there not really alarmed by it. When they take a lure, especially a hard lure they will feel it and know its not really a food item so are reluctant to have another go.

In the next swim i saw a fish following the fly in, then right in front of me it lunged and took the fly, i struck instinctively and pulled the fly out. This is something i need to train myself with, again because the fly has no substance theres nothing for the fish to hold onto so quite often if you strike in the direction the fish is facing you will often pull the fly straight out. It was also due to the fact that i was reacting to the visual take rather than feeling a take so i would naturally strike straight away in urgency rather than wait for the fly to go fully in and possibly wait for the fish to turn. Anyway a shame as the fish would probably have gone double.

A few further swims and I'd cast out and was just sorting my line out that had looped round a nettle without even starting my retrieve i saw the line start to move which indicated a fish had just taken the fly on the drop. I lifted into it and there was a good solid resistance and that feeling of a decent fish hanging low. I was keen to see it so wound the line back onto my reel so i could apply more pressure easier. I had a great battle with the fish and it jumped clear of the water at one point which was brilliant. A cracking fish to really test my rod out!

Quite dramatic photos with it being late evening and it just clouding over and starting to rain a bit, i didn't notice the rainbow until later on.

Apart from another missed take that was it a great couple of hours trying out the rod and I'm chuffed to bits with it, i just need to buy it a new reel now as I'd really like something in black for this rod... what tarts we are!

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