Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pre Holiday round off

Ive had a couple of sessions since my last posting but only just found the time or enthusiasm to sit and write about them. I'm going away for a week next, no where fancy just to stop in the in laws caravan by the coast.

So last week I met up with Neil and enjoyed a few hours frogging, we thought it a good chance to get on the frogs before the time of year came when it is not at its most productive, which isn't that far away now! Can't complain at the nice summer we have had but its gone by in no time at all, not exactly over yet but it does have the feeling of change in the air not to mention noticeably darker earlier in the evenings and longer in the mornings.
Things started of slow but it soon picked up and we had quite a good session in the end, I think i ended up with 9 fish on the bank with Neil not too far behind. What did please me though was my hook up rate, think i had 11 takes altogether, and only missed the one, the other take i did manage to hook which was probably my best fish of the session but sadly the hook pulled just as Neil was about to chin it out for me.
We had some decent sized fish for the venue too with Neil having the biggest at probably just a double. Some really nice marked fish though and always great fun on frogs.

Now the other day was going to be a pike fly day and i was hoping my new gear would come in time to try it out before i went away. Sadly it didn't, and still hasn't come! So i chose to have a bash at perch on the fly again.
I'd recently replaced my camera so was keen to try it out, i always like to take plenty of close ups to test it out. I also tried one of the settings on the camera in the first photo which was called 'toy camera' god knows why its called that and what its supposed to do but the shot came out all dramatic which i really like, nothing like what you would expect from something called 'toy camera' setting.
The fishing was pretty average really so not allot to report other than a huge perch that came after my 5oz hooked fish, easily upper 3 or more! Those are the times you want the hook to pull out....

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