Thursday, 14 August 2014

Spending but worth it

What do you find yourself doing when you cannot fish much? yes that's right, sat in front of a computer looking for fishing gear to buy! Ive been selling gear i don't use recently to buy new stuff i want. A new fly line came the other week and id still not got out to try it until this week.
The line was a Rio streamer tip, its a floating line but it has an intermediate tip so you can work down but the floating line gives you a bit more control in moving water and also when lifting off. I bought the line for perch fishing primarily but it will come in handy for a few things not to mention what it was designed for which is fishing streamers on rivers. You cannot beat spending money on a decent line, probably more important than the reel, i was excited to try it out knowing how good rio lines were and to compare it to my last line.

It was quite a windy day and i was fishing a fly with a 4.5mm tungsten bead, this would be quite a weight for some lines so it was going to be interesting to see if the line coped with the weight.
So my first cast just a couple of back casts and i let the line go, i cannot include what my exact words were as basically it was dirty language! The line flew out the rings and i wasn't even trying, on the second cast, for the usual distance i was covering it didn't even feel like i needed more than one false cast as you could feel the line wanting to go. I was really pleased with it and the expense was well worth it.

So onto the fishing, it wasn't brilliant, but i manged double figures of perch with a couple of 2lbers which go really well on the fly rod. It was only a short session but i got my fix for the week.

Now onto things coming up, theres too much to talk and think about in the coming months as once we get to the end of summer we come to what i consider some of the best fishing months, for now though I'll just stick to the near future and whats on my mind. Firstly i will be getting my new pike fly rod, Ive spent a bit on this as i hope to do allot more of that this winter, again I'll talk more about that soon.
In a few weeks time I'm going away for short holiday on the north east coast, its a family holiday but Ive been given one day to fish so that is going to be a day to make the most of the coast and do some LRF, Ive had that planned for awhile now with Paul so I'm looking forward to that. I'm also taking a fly rod in case i get an odd hour or more to have a bash for flatties. I know nothing about this kind of thing so Ive started to do my homework in preparation, find out as much as possible to increase my chances of catching. I'll tie myself some suitable flies next week. Ive already started on a few but these are intended to be fished on my LRF rod too by adding a shot in front of them, thought it best to it this way so i can use them on a fly rod too if i want. I tied a few shrimps, and a few small baitfish in case theres any mackerel to go at.

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