Sunday, 26 May 2013

Water Leopards

Well i just can't seem to get enough of the trout at the minute, and where ever i go i seem to be finding good fish which is strange because you usually bag up on tiddlers.

I wanted to try somewhere new today for a change of scenery so got in touch with my mate Paul and we made the decision to head oop north to a river neither of us had fished before.

We were disappointed on arrival to find it quite coloured, despite not having much rain locally, it must have rained more on this river system. We spent a few hours fishing likely water but nothing was happening so we headed back to the car to think of a plan B. On the way back, luckily we both saved a blank, Paul had an out of season chub which went back straight away while not long after i had a lovely spotted brownie.

We decided to head back home and fish somewhere local that we thought we knew better and would have a better chance. Funny thing is Paul made a wrong turn and we ended up passing over a little bridge, we jumped out and had a look. A lovely little wild overgrown beck... now that's what I'm talking about!

We jumped in and waded up and the action pretty much kicked off straight away, at first reasonable trout were coming in shoals chasing the lures down and we managed to pick off a few. Then we started picking up a few better sized trout. Not only were they a good size but they were also stunning fish, full of spots like a leopard and a lovely buttery yellow. The action just got better and we saw some truly big trout that kept snapping on the lures but would just not connect. I'm not sure if its the boney mouths or the fact that they just tend to nip at the lures but we started missing more than we was hooking up with and sadly it was all the huge ones that wouldn't stick. We were not bothered one bit though as we were more than happy with the two beauties below.
Paul with one of the last fish of the session and pretty much summed up the average scale we were getting, in the end we only spent an hour or so on the beck where as we had wasted about 4 hours on the big river.


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  1. Fine bunch of fish , may I ask what you were catching them on?