Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ambitions achived...

I got home early from work today and as soon as I'd stepped through the door the phone rang, it was my mother reminding me she was going on holiday mid week so asked if she could pick the kids up from school. You can guess what went through my mind.... a fishing opportunity!!

I decided seen as though i could fish till late if i wanted, I'd have a drive further afield to another small river i fished once last year and did ok for trout.

I wasn't expecting much with the weather being pants just for a change, its now mid May and it barely reached double figures today. None the less the change of scenery would be nice if nothing else.

I was doubtful of rising fish and didn't fancy prospecting so decided to tackle up with streamers, the river was quite limited with room so knowing i didn't need to cast far I opted for a short #3 knowing i could cast the weighted streamers as far as I needed.
It didn't take long to get my first fish which was a reasonable size and saw me off the mark, not long after I had a ballsy little trout take the streamer, this little fish was almost silver in colour its amazing how trout can differ so much.

The weather wasn't actually too bad and occasionally the sun broke through making it pleasurable wading through the small river. I love wading wild places, it really gets you amongst it all and makes you feel like part of the surroundings
As time went on the fishing got better, and i was getting an ok stamp of trout too, fishing streamers is not most fly anglers cup of tea preferring more traditional styles, but its something I really enjoy and it keeps you busy working the flies.
The best was still to come and reflecting back on it I consider myself lucky in more than one way. I had reached a fallen tree across the river so jumped out to get round it, assuming the water was the same depth on the other side i just jumped straight back in. I couldn't see the bottom very well and had a bit of a Dr Gloucester moment when what i thought was a foot or so deep ended up being above waist height! Thinking I must have spooked any fish in the vicinity I had a cast in front of anyway just in case, the line when tight so fast the line ripped through the water surface making a spray. I soon realised this was a big trout and I was in for a lengthy battle on the #3 rod. I must have had a few mini heart attacks when the fish jumped and i saw its size hoping the hooks didn't pull. Was this fish being played or was it playing me? Finally after what felt like an age i swung the fish into my net. This was easily my PB trout and I had achieved an ambition of catching a decent sized trout on the fly rod, I've had some big trout recently but nothing compares to getting one on a fly rod.
I'm actually quite disappointed that the photo doesn't really show its true scale or colour, this is the problem when doing self takes while stood in the middle of a river. It doesn't look much bigger than some others I'd had recently but it certainly was bigger. the photo below across my arm shows just how long the fish was.

I still had enough time left to fish for another few hours but this fish had such a pleasing effect on me i felt really satisfied and decided to go home abit earlier and get in the Mr's good books. Well that was just a thought and i gave myself another hour!
I continued to pick up fish and was by now into double figures. i was nearly out of time when i came to a lovely pool with an over hanging willow, never has a swim looked so fishy. i couldn't believe my luck when i drew the streamer back across the willow and another good trout came up and hammered it. What a session i was having, again a spectacular fight and again my luck held out to get the fish in the net. This fish was a lovely colour including rich yellows and hues of purple finished off with electric blue cheeks. I was pleased this time round the self take photo came up trumps and i captured the colours of the fish...



  1. congrat's mate, knew you wouldn't be long with the flies.

  2. Two great fish trips in a row, I'm jealous. Very nice fish