Friday, 3 May 2013

Short canal sessions

I try not to moan each time I post at the minute but it still feels like its taking an age for things to improve. The weather has been a little bit better recently with some nice warm sunshine but I can't help but feel the overnight low temperatures are still holding the fish back.

On Wednesday I fished the canal i fished last week for pike, it was lovely and warm it was nice to be out comfortable in short sleeves. I was hopeful after last weeks session with a bit of interest that this weeks might be more forth coming, sadly it wasn't. I went a really long period of time with nothing to show for my efforts before saving a blank right at the end with a couple of tiny, but lovely little pike.

Today I was looking forward to dropping on another canal and give it a go with flies for the roach, bream, dace and bleak. The weather looked perfect in the morning but an hour before i was on the bank, it clouded over and a cool wind picked up, typical!! There was no sign of any fish moving about and to be honest the wind didn't help. I also took along an ultralight rod to chuck kopyto's about so if the flies were not producing I might have been able to sneak a perch out to save a blank. i gave the kopyto's a good going over and nothing at all was showing to those either, the water was pretty coloured which didn't help though. I stuck at it and kept having a few more casts in between pondering whether or not to just jack it in and go home, I'd only gone in short sleeves and it was now quite cold in the wind. Then out of the blue everything went solid and the rod was nodding away, I'd only gone and done it again, the amount of times I've been out this year and really struggled only to save the day close to the end with a half decent fish. I'd not caught a perch recently so it was nice to see a good chunk in the net! another miserable session ended with a smile!


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