Wednesday, 29 May 2013

And I thought i'd allready been having good days recently...

I had Tuesday just gone off work and had planned to fish all day, I'd recently had a fair few good session and some in glorious weather along with some cracking fish so i was pretty much in good spirits where my fishing was concerned.

I thought I'd use the opportunity of having a full day to invite a fellow Lure Anglers Society member to come over and join me for a fish, I was delighted when Paul confirmed that he was more than happy to make the trip across the pennies and join me. Paul has just started his own blog and it will be one I'll be following, lots of technique info for perch to come along with great photography, you can find out more here Finesse Fishing

I met up with Paul quite early to make the most of the day and despite the weather being lousy I didn't think it would effect the rivers that much, maybe just abit of extra colour from the road drains that is usually the first to go in. I planned to meet Paul at a canal location he had fished before so that it was an easy place for him to find and for me to find himself. I was met with a big grin and Paul soon filled me in that while he'd been waiting for my arrival he had been fishing the canal and tempted a chub of 4lb 12oz, a cracking fish to start the day off! Theres a photo of the fish on Paul's blog.

So off we went, I had kind of promised Paul that I'd put him onto some good trout fishing and had a few venues in mind, the first stop produced a small brownie then on a canal adjacent I thought i had a chance of a chub from an out flow but when my kopyto was snaffled up and all was slow and solid i knew it wasn't a chub, a little bit of playing the fish and a nice pike surfaced, sadly I didn't get a photo as the hooks pulled before Paul managed to get hold of it for me.

The rain was getting steady so I thought we'd head for some good trout fishing before the rivers became too coloured as i wasn't sure what the rain was going to do through out the day. the fishing was slow to start with but eventually it picked up and we started to see fish and get action. I think I was first in with a nice one too.

The rain was easing with only a very little sprinkle now and then so it started to get more enjoyable as the fishing got better. Most of the fish we were seeing were of a good size and i think at this point we had only had one small fish, I'd just bought a new camera after breaking my old one so wanted to try out the macro function on the small pretty fish.
The fishing just got better and although we were not exactly bagging up at that point it was the fact that if we wasn't landing fish we was pretty much getting follows, chasing trout or missed takes at every new bit we fished. I had another few belting fish, lovely colour to them too!

Paul was having abit of a frustrating patch of hooking over every snag imaginable and missed some takes from some really good fish, this was topped off when he finally got a good fish hooked for it to the throw the hooks virtually as it was about to be netted. Not too despondent he fished on and finally got what he came for.

We had a break from fishing not long after and filled up with 'man fuel' ready for some more fishing. Next up was another spot i wanted to investigate so off we went again. We carried on in the same vein of none stop action, literally fish in every pool having a go at our lures. The average was smaller than the last spot but it was still a good stamp of fish for a small beck and they were also stunningly clean fish, probably never been caught before.
Paul had a really nice fish from this spot and its a real shame the photo doesn't show it off, it had almost a mottled effect on its back and flanks rather than just random spots. I've not had my camera long enough to play around with it and the fish was proving hard to take a photo of, the light was bouncing off the fish and blocking out the true colours of it.

We must have had in excess of 40 fish between us but even more than that which followed or took but we didn't hook up with. It was really difficult to break away and go home in the end, Paul was suffering with leg cramp and my back was giving me grief. Although there was allot of temptation to see what was round the next corner, we reluctantly had to make the decision to just have one more fish each then walk back to the car.
A truly action packed day that I'll not forget in a hurry!


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