Thursday, 23 May 2013

Enjoying the jungle

I met up with a fellow LAS member John yesterday for a fish, John had just got a new Loomis rod to use with small cranks and wanted to get a good curve in it so we opted for trout. John was fishing with cranks and spinners and i started on a 1" kopyto and later changed to using my own cranks.

Things started slow and the fish didn't really seem on it, they would nip and follow but not the usual savage takes to start with. After a while I managed to tempt one which ended up being the smallest of the session.

Not long after John took a fish followed by another which on any given day would have been a great fish, but this was going to be a special day...

So we fished on picking up a few more fish along the way when we came to an area that I had an incling there might be a big trout in residence, i told John to fish on in front of me, after a few casts John hooked into a fish, the first I knew about it was when the fish jumped. I'll never forget that moment even though it wasn't my fish, the trout was flippin huge and just kept leaping into the air! Johns exact words, which i think he repeated about 5 times were "This is a serious fish!" I'm not sure about John but my heart was in my mouth hoping the hooks didn't pull, finally the fish was succumbed and it was rested before we took some photos of the beast, A truly big wild brown trout, btw this is not new zealand!

The fish was released and i stepped forward to take a cast into the very same spot, low and behold i was in straight away, and again it was a good fish, not in the same league as the last but that was a special fish, mine wasn't bad either though

We carried on fishing with big smiles taking a few more fish each until we hit a long slow patch, there was fish about but they were very finicky and it was proving hard to get one to stick, it didn't help that it was such a jungle and you had to be really accurate with your casts.
In the end we decided to cut our losses and head back, still feeling like we had done a good session. On the way back i suggested we drop into a spot where I'd seen a big fish on the way through, the daft sod that i am, the first time i saw it i clipped a willow on my cast and landed the lure right on its head, so i was hoping it was back in position on the way back.
I suggested John have a go at it but unluckily he snagged on his cast, so we didn't spook the area getting out of the snag, John kindly let me have a cast before wading in to get his lure back. I think it was the second run through and my lure was hit and again a leaping trout was in the air!

Another beauty and a great way to finish our session off.