Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lures for coloured water

Its that time of year when more often than not you are dealing with lots of colour in the water, surprisingly there is a vast range of colour you can come across each and every circumstance has a lure pattern/colour that comes into its own for cutting through the colour.

I've recently done a range to suit different circumstances, a bright yellow tiger, a white red head and a black with foiled cheeks. By far the best lure for colour I have found is a black lure, it acts as a contrast to the light colour of the silt in the water thus making it more visible. As the colour is dropping out and the visibility improves a white lure is very use full which also takes on a shine and lights up the cloudy water, a bright lure can also work very well as the colour drops out.

So below you will see my white red head which has some holographic flecks in the body to give off abit of flash and the black lure with foiled cheeks to give off a lot of flash. I also used a bigger eye on the black lure to act as a bigger target making it easier to find and even more striking

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