Thursday, 29 November 2012

Its all about lure building.

Well as the title suggests Ive hardly done any fishing of late, the weather has been terrible and the flooding just hasn't left me with anywhere left to fish. So I've basically been hammer and tongs with the lure building. Only got a couple finished at the minute but more to come, just thought I'd add some photos as with the lack of fishing I don't have much to blog about at the minute. I'd bought some holographic flecks a while ago that i found in a shop, i often scout around shops for bits and bobs i can use in my lure and fly building. I decided to give the flecks a go, I wanted to try a tiger pattern lure in a different colour scheme so used the flecks for the belly area. I could have done to have put a couple of clear coats over the flecks before spraying the lures but rushed into it with just the one coat. The trouble is the flecks don't sit flat in all areas so after one coat i had to sand the bits smooth that were sticking out, this is when i should have coated them again. You can't really notice any problems with the finish but being a perfectionist I know when i could have done something just that small percent better. around the edges of the eyes would have been abit crisper but never mind you pick up these little things as you try new stuff. I'm quite happy with this pattern its a very bright luminous yellow that should show well in dim light conditions. I found it really difficult to photograph the flecks, it was quite a sunny day so it was either bright sun or shade to take the photos in, I hope you can make them out on the underneath.


I also had an Aad Dam 'Mini Toppie' that someone wanted re-finnishing in a tiger pattern so I ran this at the same time as the other two.


  1. Keep em coming Matt. Saving some pennies up for a trout and pike off ya.

  2. Tah mate, just a bloody shame i can't get out and use some! not seen much water today, has it started clearing anywhere yet you've been?

  3. Not been out for 2 weeks mate! Stuck on a bad shift that has me not seeing daylight at all. River nearly back to normal so should be worth a shot soon.