Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ice Ice Baby!

Well after three weeks of not fishing and seeing good conditions go by, I was determined to get out today after work for an hour or two, I'd past a couple of rivers on my way home and they looked spot on so I was getting hope full. In the back of my mind though i was thinking that the small river i was going to check out could actually be frozen over.

When I pulled up i got excited as i could see the water was free of ice other than about a metre in the margin that i knew i could fish over, I jumped out the car and ran over to have a look..... Rackin-Frackin-Varmit! still god damn flooded and coloured!! My terrible year of poor fishing conditions just carries on and on.

There was one thought I had though on a positive note, there was loads of crap floating down and loose weed, so i thought when it does clear and eventually settle down it should be really clean and weed free. Just have to wait for that time to come.

I had about an hour trying a few lures but I couldn't even see my lures myself so what chance did a fish have, I would have to have been in the luck to get something on in these conditions.

In the end I resorted to getting the camera out and taking some shots of the wintry conditions, if your nice warm and comfortable its really pleasant being out in the winter and theres always the thought of that warm drink when you get home!

Even though I'm not getting out and enjoying any fish I'm still kind of positive in my mind as i know eventually things will settle down and I'll start to catch fish again and I'll enjoy it all the more for going through this bleak period. I do tend to slow down abit this time of year anyway despite the conditions. Getting out after Christmas is over when the pike are getting closer to spawning is always a good time to be on the bank with a lure in the water!

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