Saturday, 15 December 2012

A fish!!!

As expected, I turned up at a small local river to find it heavily coloured after the previous days rain. I headed back home with no other options as the canals were frozen over, or at least they were the day before! Passing over the canal it was clear of ice but still heavily coloured abut at as bad as it had been. At least it was showing signs of dropping out and that means next week i could be enjoying a few more short sessions.

I thought I might as well have a go for an hour while I was there. I was surprised to get a hit on my second cast but could tell it was only a small pike, not that I'd have been unhappy with that! Its been awhile since i got out properly so i was just looking for one fish to send me home satisfied.
Eventually a fish came along in the form of a small jack which took a liking to a rainbow trout savagear 4play.

It felt good to see a fish and could tell they had been on the bottom due to the leeches. the photo also shows an old wound near my fingers which has been healed awhile, I hope it isn't that red sore disease scar as it looks similar but have never seen any fish with it in this canal. Its a very shallow canal and theres allot of barges come down in summer so it might even be a prop wound.

I missed another take not long after and that was it really. Another month and things should start hotting up as they go heavy on the feed before getting ready to spawn, this means fish can be really confident at times and in the past I've had doubles coming out of the margins by my feet to take a lure in clear water. Its also the time Ive caught most doubles on this canal in one short space of time, usually the doubles are harder to tempt, the only other good time being when the canal weeds over and they confidently take floating weedless frogs..... Yeah Baby!!! looking forward to that again next year!

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