Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making the most of the surroundings

Today I went to a spot that i like to think of as my little sanctuary, once you get away from the road your in the middle of nowhere and it feels like your totally in the wilderness. I've seen all sorts of wildlife here some of which is quite rare.
I tend to do most of my fishing here over winter and into spring, as the river suffers allot from weed growth and flooding. Today the water was quite clear and the weed growth wasn't too bad but still suited frogging better than any other method. I was surprised at how high the water appeared despite a lack of significant rain lately, it was clear water too and not your usual coloured water, even allot of the land around was quite flooded.

So the first cast with the hollow bodied frog across and up river was met with a sideways swipe from a pike, taking the frog under and flying over to the near margin, i wound down and i thought it had let go but after abit of winding i felt the fish so struck into it and it wasn't there! I think what had happened was the fish had swam towards me so i was just reeling in the slack and then not having the right angle to strike effectively. Another few casts and a follow, this was looking promising so headed on.
Nothing was doing really so i decided to head for another spot and on my way came across some swans and a brute of a bull.

I reached my next spot and after a few casts I had another take on the frog, i wound down and felt the fish but the same was happening, the pike was swimming towards me so i wound quickly and got a good solid strike in but it was off straight away. I fished around that area and had a few pike come for the frog but not take, one of which i was surprised to see come from at least 10 metres away, i saw the water bulge as it started to home in on the frog but as it got in front of it, it gave the frog a slap with its tail as it turned and splashed away.
I then came to a clear area so thought I'd try a 4play and fish through the water, straight away I had a take getting a good view of the pike come flying in and snapping at the lure, but not actually taking it in, still fish less it was turning into one of those days.
I started to make my way back and not think about the fishing and just enjoy the surroundings. I recently set my camera up so that i have it in a pouch on the front of my bag strap so that i can grab it easily, theres times Ive seen things and not taken a photo as the camera has been in my rucksack. I looked across and down an opening in some trees where a small dike cut through and noticed a heron sat in a beam of sunlight while some swans also swam through, i grabbed the camera and took a photo. I'm really enjoying taking photos and think I'll add a better camera to my wish list, the one I have is good for what i need but I'd like to take better photos of the wildlife and things i see, my current camera just doesn't hold the quality when i need to zoom in on something. This would have made a cracking photo if I'd have been able to zoom in and retrain the quality.
i was now back where i'd parked and thought i'd have my last 10 minutes the other way down stream, which looked a little clearer of weed so stuck on another fly with a weighted fish skull on that i'd managed to save myself from a blank with the previous day. It did the trick as after a few casts a modest jack came following it in, id run out of room so i had to let it drop down into the weedy margin where i could no longer see it or the pike. I waited a second or two and then gave it a little jig and the marginal vegetation moved so i struck and was into the pike. I could see it was only just lip hooked and after a few head shakes the hook pulled out...beggar!
This pretty summed up my weeks fishing of missed chances, and things would have been allot different if i'd taken most of the chances that were offered, but never mind i wasn't disappointed as i was glad to be out again enjoying it.
As I was about the turn and head back again i noticed something moving out the corner of my eye and was pleased to see a little grass snake having a swim.
The highlight of my day came when i got back to my car and took one last look at the river, noticing a kingfisher sat very close to me on a branch next to the waters edge, I knew it had seen me and as i reached for the camera it flew off! as it did so i saw a big boil in the water so went down the bank with the camera to take a look, thinking it might be an otter. it all went quiet and just when i was thinking it must have been  a fish, up popped a bloody cormorant right in front of me, i don't know who jumped the most, it struggled to fly off at first from the shock of seeing me....
Go on beggar off ya fish killer!!!

As i got back into the car i thought i'd take a quick snap of the field beside me, to me it pretty sums up the time of year, things slowly starting to change, and for fishing, a few good months to come!


  1. Nice write up Matt. Non anglers have no idea what joys we have, even on those blank days and most wouldn't believe we still truly enjoyed the day.

  2. True, theres a load more stuff i saw today that i didnt go into or photograph but didnt want to turn into david Bellamy as it is a fishing blog after all lol

    How do you get more people to visit your blog? i'm not entirely sure if anyone other than those following me actaully look at the blog, theres only you that comments so i have nothing else to go on as far as if its being viewed or not.

  3. Hi Matt, great blog so far. I'm just getting into lure chucking so I'm finding blogs like this fascinating.

    In terms of readership that will increase as time goes on. The more you post the more chance you have of gaining followers. The stats page will tell you the fiqures who you leads are etc. Just keep it going mate.

  4. Nice blog Matt I especially like the lure building I wish mine were half as good as yours.