Thursday, 20 September 2012

The search for perch continues...

Having not been able to locate the perch at a usual spot i fish, today i decided to try another area in hope of locating them. I've had some nice perch this year but whats been missing has been the many shoals of small perch that provide great fun on light tackle sometimes and quite often taking consecutive fish on many casts. Its nice when you've had a few not so good days to go to a venue full of small perch and just have a few hours bagging up!

Well today paid off, I didn't end up with much time but the short time i had ended up being quite hectic with most casts involving some kind of response, be it a fish, a take or a follow. i really enjoyed just catching a few fish and they were all in super condition, lovely colours and well defined bars, they were also feeding up as everyone had a stuffed belly.

I also caught a pink perch! It had a very unusual pinkish colouring to it which I've not seen before.

Here's a few photos to show just how pristine and fin perfect they were, all of them were bristling too, dorsals stood on end with sheer aggression.

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  1. They were hammering those lures mate by the looks of it. Never seen a pink perch before neither, weird.