Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Testing flash flies

yesterday i went to my local canal for abit of fly fishing for pike, I'd tied a few flash flies recently based on one I had that I lost a few weeks ago. I'd had allot of interest in the past with this flash fly, I used to use it for fishing abit deeper in slightly coloured or stained water and it was one that showed up really well in these conditions. To fish them deeper I weighted them, some with dumbells and some with fish skulls, I like to combine the flash tinsel with red materials too.

Incidentally the first fish of the day was caught on another fly I was wanting to try, a nice little jack saved a blank.

Things went abit quiet for awhile but as soon as i switched over to one of the flash flies i started getting abit of interest. After casting along side some tree cover i was just picking up the slack line and as soon i made contact with the fly a pike had come out of the cover and snatched the fly, A nice golden coloured pike that gave a great account of itself jumping on multiple occasions, really enjoyable.

I went on to get another really strong take that nearly pulled the rod out of my hand as i was stripping, Ive not had that before on the fly rod so it must have been taking off at speed as soon as it took the fly, either that or a very good fish, either way i'll never know as the hook didn't stick.
I was also impressed with the Authanic wire i was using, its the first time i've given it a go and have to say its lovely supple stuff, its literally like a piece of string its that soft and supple. After the above pike it did show signs of kinking but this was easily rubbed out by rubbing along the opposite way of the kinks between my finger and thumb. As you can see below, before and after.

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