Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Searching for Perch

I went out today in search of Perch and was hoping to find them shoaling up ready for winter, The canal I was fishing was quite heavily coloured so I knew it was going to be tough going.
I started off with a kopyto shad in white to try and cut through the colour. Things started slow but eventually a fish was on and an enjoyable fight ensued. A lovely perch was netted and was in really good condition, you could see it had been feeding by the full stomach.
After a short a while another much smaller perch was on, this one also very fat, they were obviously feeding up for winter. I don't think the colour of the water really helped but still the signs were not there that they where packing into shoals and specific areas.

Things never really got any better with just another couple of dropped takes. i then started to jig a kopyto shad in the margin to see how deep it was and to feel the lure bounce on the bottom, as i was lifting up I thought I'd snagged up until i checked my rod tip and it started nodding, surprisingly a chub surfaced and was soon in the net. A strange turn of events but very welcome.

A couple of nice fish caught but still no sign of the kind of sport I was getting around the same time last year, I'll probably leave it a couple more weeks now or try and fall on it when the colour has dropped out.

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