Friday, 2 May 2014

Through the week

I've had a couple of sessions this week, the first was with John for trout. John had a fantastic fish early on with the fish below that gave us a surprise when it went airborne and revealed what kind of size it was. It was a bit of a tussle when it bolted around me when i was trying to net it. They often do that or swim right between your legs leaving you literally doing a 'river dance' trying to get out of the way of the line.

About 100 yards further along we found a pod of fish feeding on very small food particles constantly rising, they looked decent fish and on in particular looked a very decent fish. try as we may they were just not interested in the lures and carried on sipping. very frustrating! The fishing didn't really pick up from then on and despite seeing more fish around they were not taking and the odd take we did get was finicky and most of mine didn't connect. John had a few more fish before i got my first which came in the shape of an OOS chublet, i do love chub of this size they are always very mint conditioned.

I ended up with a few more trout towards the end and got to test out a few of my new lures, more on those sometime soon...

Yesterday I thought I'd go for another go at some bleak as a change of tactics again, i only had a couple of hours at it so wasn't too bothered. It was quite windy which was putting a ripple on the surface so i didn't fancy my chances at anything off the top so thought I'd try the minkies again for perch. I had a few but again it wasn't easy casting bulky flies in the wind.
The fish below had a half digested roach of a decent size in its throat and the greedy begger was still trying to feed!

I saw flashes at my minkies again so thought I'd give it another go on the bead head nymphs, if anything it would be a little easier to cast than the minkies. i started getting quite a few roach, nothing special and they didn't put up much of a scrap at this size but it was great fun inching the flies back and watching the tip of the fly line dart back slightly when a fish was having a go. I wanted to try some slightly heavier nymphs to see if there was anything bigger hanging a little deeper but by this point I'd run out of time again. i do love this little fly sessions in between my luring it adds variety to my fishing and its good so see some different species.

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