Saturday, 3 May 2014

Having a kick about with a team of giant trout

Recently I had finnished a batch of new ultra light lures ready for some more trout fishing, so I got together with Neil and Paul for a days fishing and took along a load of my new lures to fish with. It was going to be an early one as we had decided to trip off for the day and our desination was a few hours drive. I get up for work every morning at 4:20 am so i really do appreciate a sleep in on a weekend but when its fishing related i'll quite happily skip a sleep in, so like a work day i was up at 4:20 and on the road in no time.
We wadered up and worked a distance downstream to start with so we could wade back up, right where we started we missed a couple of takes so it seemed the over night frost had not bothered the trout and we could be on for a good day. We fished on without any more interest for about half an hour untill we reached a really pacey riffle. I cast straight across the main riffle hitting the slightly slower water on the opposite side, the lure swung round into the main flow and i was hit by a fish, my drag was ringing and the rod was thumping away as the fish used the pace of the water to go on a good run. the fish came into sight and it was a good one, probably the biggest i've had this year so it was very welcome and we was off the mark.

I was happy to have caught such a decent fish early on so i had a little rest and let the other lads fish more for a better chance of getting off the mark which between them they soon got the first ones in and both more decent fish. We were all happy now and it was job done so we could now settle in to it.

We started to pick the odd the fish up here and there along with the usual lost fish, usually from jumping. We had some smaller fish along the way but most were of a very good average size, these fish usually came from the edge of the really fast rapids and we soon noticed this and took advantage by targetting these areas specifically.

A few fish was caught in this one fast run when it was my turn to lead. To avoid getting in each others way we was taking it in turn to lead the way wading, the person at the front was the first to fish the water infront of us so had a slightly higher chance of catching so as soon as the lead person caught they would drop to the back and the other two step up. it was a bonus though when it was'nt your turn to lead and you still caught fish. Anyway our system was working great and we were all catching and enjoying it, it came round to my turn again and the others had just caught in this particular swim so i cast ahead again and had a fish hit but miss. I noticed it following in at speed, Neil and Paul were stood directly behind me at this point and i swung round with the following fish to gain some more water, the fish shot past my lure but swung round behind it to face back up stream. The water was very fast here so you could only just make the fish out, i saw it right behind my lure and it was literally a metere infron of both neil and Paul, we all stodd and watched as right infront o us the fish hit my lure and it was on! We didnt realise at first how big it was, we got an idea but when Paul netted it and then lifted the net we realised it was a bit of a beast. The fish sit in this fast water so to live in this pacey water they have to be be quite strong fish and you could see this i the fish, much more muscular than the fish you would get in miandering streams. A cracking fish and the biggest ive caught to date, what a day this was turning into.
We kept on catching but the size slightly went down in average for awhile with just the odd better one thrown in

Allthough this next fish was'nt my biggest it was kind of my favorite of the day as it was just so beautifully marked with big bold spots.


So the day was a great success and we all had a good day with plenty of nice fish between us, the sun even got out late morning and we were glad to get some clothes off as it was hard tiring work wading the fast water with all the gear.


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