Friday, 9 May 2014

The rain starts play

Its been quite dry for awhile now with no significant rain so when it forecast rain for yesterday I was still pretty confident of the rivers not taking on too much colour.
I wasn't planning on fishing until the Mrs dropped the news that she was having a rare day off work so I checked with Paul if he was free as we had discussed a new river to try for some trout. we had also talked about going in an evening for change thinking that the trout might be feeding more, so after work i had a quick change and jumped into the car and was off to meet Paul. 
it wasn't long after we had started that Paul was latched into a nice trout that gave him a good scrap, yet another decent sized trout, we just can't seem to get away from them!!

Next up it was my turn and another decent trout was in the net, they were really buttery yellow here. So far it was two takes and two fish landed so it looked like they were feeding confidently.

Another good take from Paul and this time a bigger fish was on, it gave a really good fight and just wouldn't give in, the fish was allot bigger than the photo suggests. We have found trout to be as difficult as perch to get a good scale on photos, often you can have fish that differ in pounds, yet they look quite similar on photos. We never bother weighing trout, they are a precious resource with wild fish of this size so any extra messing about out of water is not something we want to do. As always we much prefer a quick snap or two than to know what it weighed, the weight is just insignificant.
Its fantastic to see all these big wild brown trout from lots of different venues and in such good condition. Wildlife in general seems to be doing rather well of late, Ive seen so many things that Ive not seen for years and lots of species making a good come back. Not the best example but Ive seen allot of badgers recently dead on the road, they are very elusive so the only time most people will ever see one is dead on a road. The fact Ive seen so many suggests there numbers are increasing.

The next take came to me and yet another fine fish was on, Paul threw his rod up on the bank while taking a photo and as he did something ran through the undergrowth. He didn't realise until he went to pick his rod up that he was inches away from it landing onto a birds nest.  

The rain was pretty persistent all the time we was fishing and i knew it would had some colour to the water but as i said originally i didn't think it would add enough to make a difference. Well it did in fact make a difference but that of a good one, there was just enough colour so that any deeper pool was coloured enough so you couldn't see to the bottom. This must have given the trout some confidence as we could not see them and they could not see us so we could stand right next to the pools and drop a small soft plastic to the bottom and they were going nuts for them. We caught quite a number of fish, often getting 5 or more from each little pool, the average size went down quite abit and we were even catching tiny trout that we don't usually see. It was really good fun but sadly it always comes to an end, its funny really, even on a really good day you always want more!

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