Sunday, 25 May 2014


Its now in the back of my mind that its only a matter of weeks now until the rivers opening so I'm trying to cram sessions in and get places fished that i wont get time for once the rivers open and my attentions will be focused on other venues and methods etc.
I have a busy week ahead of me fishing wise as my Mrs and kids are going away for a few days with the inlaws, i couldn't get the time off work so I'm free to go guilt free fishing as soon as i get in from work.
I wanted to get some dry fly fishing in but yesterday that was just not an option, I had planned to fish with Paul and we knew we had a good chance of half decent conditions on a river we wanted to fish, we fished it once before when it coloured up and we had a really good day dropping soft plastics deep into the pools. The river did have abit more colour than we expected but we still thought it worth a go. Paul got a fish early on and then so did I, the fish could not see us at all and were hitting the lures right at our feet. The water was much faster with the extra water and we noticed the fish we had were in the very slack water just to the side of a fast seam. I lost a decent fish early on but followed it up with another two that were of similar size.
We had only been fishing about 10 mins before it started lashing it down and it was evident minute by minute that the river was filling up and colouring up, the speed of flow was increasing to the point of it being difficult to even stand up so we had no option but to play it safe and call it a day.
Not the best session and in hindsight we probably shouldn't have risked it and chosen to fish a canal instead, we both still wanted to get a few more trout sessions in though and to be fair it was looking like we was going to continue to catch fish in the bad conditions until it actually rained. We both caught though so it was a risk worthwhile.

I'll probably do a weeks round up at the end of next week as I'm basically going to be on the move from 4:20am until bedtime working and then fishing everyday, Ive not even thought about or planned when I'm going to eat! Fishing is more important though and I'll probably just cram in food here and there on the move or live off a golden arches diet for a week. Looking forward to it though and hope the weather doesn't spoil some of my plans.

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  1. Lovely looking fish Matt!

    Looking forward to reading the weeks round up. Dont forget to eat though or you will be too weak for the fishing!