Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cranks for Trout

I finished my latest batch of ultra light lures the other day and had a fantastic days fishing using them today, more on that to come....
These lures are designed specifically with trout in mind for pacey rivers with lots of water features, although they would catch all predatory species no problem. I did a range to cover from the small streams to the bigger rivers and kept a natural theme going through the range as the water trout are found in is usually clear and don't feel theres the need for bright lures, in fact they can often spook the trout.
This first set is a variation on the bean, i made them slimmer and moved the hook point round to the back in hope that i would get more hook ups from those snapping trout that come up from behind and just snap at the lure. These measure in at 3.5cm and weigh 2-2.5g with hooks.

The next set was a slightly bigger slim crank which measure 5cm and weigh 3-3.5g with hooks

I went on to make some slightly bigger versions, these measuring 5.5cm but slightly deeper bodied weighing 5g

Some fatter bodied cranks to push more water and give off more vibration measuring 4.5cm and weighing 5.5-6g

And lastly some bullhead shaped lures measuring 4.5cm and averaging 5g


  1. Excellent! Is that 1/16 Lexan for the bills?

  2. Thanks Bill, it is lexan yeah but not sure what size it was as i ordered it awhile ago. I will try and find out for you.

  3. Very well shapes and designs of Lures... i really like all of them.. i know some more Led Lures........!!

  4. Bought some .040 Lexan to try. Been doing a lot of looking at the UL Polish cranks. Britain and Europe are definitely way ahead of the US on UL lures.