Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The start of my winter lure building

So the weather is now turning worse and the fishing is starting to tail off, I still go fishing at this time of year but i do cut it down. Its just not pleasant being out constantly in the elements blanking. If I can find some good sport i will be out more often, but in general its hard work.
So to fill my time while not fishing I tend to build more lures on the run up to Christmas. It keeps the interest going and its nice to dedicate abit of time to building.

So I started off with a small batch of red head jerkbaits and refinished a couple of large Cobbs jerkbaits for a couple of people. I really like my rainbow trout finish and hope they will do well on chew, as both are destined for the lake of dreams!

As far as the fishing front goes, I've not really had much chance to fish, but did get out Sunday for a canal session with Paul from 'River Piker' Go check out his Blog and read more about our day out. The canal was quite coloured and it was a real struggle but we did end up catching a few small pike so as always it was worth being out and not stuck indoors. Paul took this photo of me fishing, I think its a fantastic shot, I don't often get photos of myself in action so it was nice to see Paul's photo.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Do you sell your lures? They look excellent.

    Best wishes,


    PS Reply via The Two Terriers Blog

  2. Hi John, I replied via email.

    Thanks for the comment