Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Lures

So as I mentioned i've been busy with lure building just recently as a result of not getting out much fishing, infact my last two fishing sessions have resulted in a blank so im in no rush to get out again soon! Much prefering the warm house and shed! I've really been improving my stencilling skills with my latest lures, which as you can see below include some pike finnishes along with some rainbow trout smolt and baitfish patterns.




  1. Those lures look sensational ,if they catch as good as they look, you are on to a winner !

  2. Thanks allot Marc, sadly I don't even get to keep one for myself with christmas looming!

    1. Put me on your Christmas list then! hahahaha

  3. I,ve got to say Mark so lure finishes look damn good. Wish i had the time to make my own lures, mind youi i could see it being quite an addictive hob by in its own right.

  4. Thanks Bryan, yes its something to do while im at home and NOT fishing! It also keeps the creative animal inside me at bay. You never run out of new ideas and things you want to try, so in a way your right it is addictive.