Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Regaining Confidence

Just recently the fishing has been abit poor with less than good conditions, you start to lose confidence at this time of year as the blanks start to look more likely and often than not its not very nice being out in the elements. Sometimes you can go out and have a blinding session and other times it seems devoid of fish, this is what you have to put up with in winter.

Today I visited a little river tributary where I go to get away from it all, being in the middle of no-where its not often you see anyone else. I pulled up to find it starting to flow back into the main river and quite heavily coloured, again my confidence wained as i was in need of a half decent session.

I had nothing better to do so thought I'd give it a bash, and within 3 casts I was into a nice stocky jack. great fun and it actually took some line on the jerkbait outfit. I was using an old jerkbait I made a few years ago that has always done well in coloured water due to the combination of flash and black, maybe I should make some more as within a short while I was into another jack.

I moved away from the area I started and walked a couple of miles to another spot that usually produces, but by now the river had started to flow quite strong as it drained off into the main river. I spent abit of time fishing then headed back casting along the margins where the fish might have gone to get out of the flow. I had another few jacks one of which was a lovely little jack with a really nice colouring.

I saw many tracks in the soft mud at the edge of the bank, and thought the above tracks looked like otter, there is also a fox print in there too if you can spot it!
So all in all I really enjoyed my couple of hours and went away happy with getting 5 fish in the very coloured and difficult water, its funny how your confidence can soon be regained after just one good session.


  1. Nice work mate and good results. The fish look nice and chunky too.

  2. Cheers Paul, yeah there always like that there, theres supposed to be crays in along with mitten crabs and the banks are strewn with mussel shells so maybe they feed on those as to be honest I don't see allot of bait fish, you see them in summer but not in great numbers to sustain a pack of hungry pike