Saturday, 6 September 2014

Last thirty minute action

To combat the bored of being at home and not fishing I've been tying flies ready for when i can fish. That's one great aspect of building lures and tying flies, it keeps the interest going when you cannot get out to fish.
I still have a relatively limited range of materials for pike sized flies which i will be expanding on over time, so Ive only been able to dabble with what i have.
The flies below are a few Ive just recently tied and i was keen to get out and give them a try yesterday. I tied the black and flash ones ready for the coloured water we get over winter and after trying them out I'm positive they will catch me some fish in those conditions, flash materials look amazing in water and are so mobile.

I really struggled for the first few hours as the venue was so low and clear, you could see right to the bottom, when i did spot the odd jack here and there they did not respond at all, whether it was down to the conditions or the fact that it was quite warm and bright I'm not sure. It wasn't the best conditions for pike all round anyway.

I decided to try a different spot for the last thirty minutes before i would have to pick the kids up from school, it looked promising as i spotted a better fish straight away, again it didn't respond and eventually spooked. I figured i was only going to stand a chance by lasting long range so the fish could not see me at all.
This worked and i got a solid pull and a fish was on, brilliant i thought as a low double was in the net, if i was going to go home with just the one fish i was pleased it was a double.

I moved along a bit and did the same again, another fish took and this time it took off taking quite a bit of line, i got it in close and saw it was a bigger fish then it took off again the other way. Eventually i got it in the net but as i lifted it i was surprised by its weight and then my net broke where the frame joins the head! The fish went back in and it was then a nightmare trying to get the fish in the net by trying to hold the net together with my hand, it was out of reach to chin it out and i could only just reach it with the net but i managed it in the end. A belting fish and my biggest so far on fly, now that was a result from such a dismal start!

It was time for me to go now and already pushing my luck time wise but i could help but have one more cast to see if more fish were about and I'd sussed the trick for that particular day. Typical, another fish took the fly, in a way it was fortunate it came off not long after taking as i didn't have time really. Just goes to show though that you should never give up and keep trying and thinking different things till you find what works, but why is it always when you run of of time that you usually make that discovery....

Here's a few more flies i tried out.

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