Saturday, 5 April 2014

Soooome Whheeere ooover the.....

Myself and Paul had planned to go and fish for rainbows before the rivers closed and every weekend since then it never fell right with either of us having other plans. Today it fell into place and we were up early and on a long drive.
Fishing for rainbows on an any method water is the closest thing to a commerical for lure anglers, its not every ones cup of tea, but for me its something different, its something fun and its catching fish so why turn your nose up at it? despite these fish being stocked purely for catching and eating you can not deny there beauty and fantastic colours not to mention how hard they fight on really light tackle.
The water we fished was a very big reservoir so it was far from stocky bashing on a small lake, we had to work really hard and walked allot of miles to get round the whole reservoir with a total of eight fish between us for the pricey sum of £50. Of course we could have taken our bag home to eat but that's not what we had gone for, and personally i don't like fish unless its cod and covered in batter, too many incidents with bones in my throat as a kid i think. I don't think i could bring myself to kill the fish either, i have no qualms about it being done, but I'd rather not have to do it myself. So you can imagine the looks we got when we was putting them back form those around us with beach cast rods, tennis ball floats and carrier bags full of fish.
The day was not as productive as we would have liked, and it hurt like hell handing that much cash over but we are true blooded Yorkshire men and not everything is free or cheap as chips! I was happy with the few i caught though and was made up with the beauty i caught right at the end, such stunning colours and spots.
Something i would love to do again, but maybe wait till its warmed slightly and see if we get a better return.

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