Thursday, 10 April 2014

A cracking session on the streams

On the way to the reservoir we fished last week we found some fantastic streams that we had a stop to look at, we talked about finding out more about them so we could fish them on the way home if we had chance. We had asked the chap running the reservoir about the streams as they were not a million miles away and the good news was the chap had fishing rights to them as well and did a separate ticket for just brown trout fishing. As it turned out we didn't get time that day to fish the streams but they looked so good we talked about going back to just fish those.

So today we was up early to head off to fish the streams we had seen last week, and the weather and temperature had improved a little so we fancied our chances. Paul was into a fish in the very first swim that gave him a right run around even managing to jump out of the net and having to play it again. A beast of a fish to start our session off with!
In the very next pool I was into a quality fish, not the same league as Pauls but not far off. It wasn't just a decent size either it was an absolute stunner, a really nice colour and markings to match.

We fished on through the pools picking up plenty of fish but what was annoying was all the big fish we was having hit our lures but just not sticking, we were not complaining though as the quality and beauty of the smaller fish was enough to keep us happy.

It was noticed that we were getting allot of trout coming up from deeper pools and hammering the bean lures that were fishing quite shallow, these fish were not sticking at all and we worked out that they must have been coming up too fast trying to grab the lure before shooting back down to cover. So to over come this when we reached a deeper pool or missed a fish in slightly deeper water we would switch to soft plastics and fish much lower in the pools. This worked really well and we started catching many more. Paul lost a really big fish down deep that came off during a good fight which was a shame.


 We had really count of fish by now and was having a fantastic days fishing, the average size was very good with the odd big one seen but not landed since those early fish. Paul did manage to hook another big fish but again it gave him the slip after diving numerous times in a deep pool, that was actually the last bit of action of the session before heading back to the car which by now was a long walk away!

A little disappointed that we were finishing on a lost big fish we decided to go downstream of the car and try to finish on a high with a couple more fish each. Its hard to walk away from good fishing! We had to skip across the stream on rocks to avoid sending any colour downstream wading in the water but we managed to get downstream abit before turning back and fishing the last little bit of river before heading home. What a great decision to make as Paul made up for the lost fish with two really good fish the second of which was probably the second or third biggest of the day and that was a signal to end it there before we made plans to fish on for any more hours!

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