Sunday, 27 April 2014

Graphite Leader CALZANTE EX

 I've had this rod for a few weeks now and only got out with it today for the first time for a few hours. I've done what most people probably do and sat in front of the TV waggling it in the living room while getting very strange looks off the Mrs! Straight away i could feel what a precision tool this was going to be, so light and balanced. I opted for the 7' 9" 0.6-8g version with a tabular tip, although I'm going to use it for LRF aswell its primary use will be drop shotting for perch so the extra sensitivity of a solid tip is not really needed. For anyone interested you can find out more about the rod here Or do a google search.

I actually got a fish on my first cast and was really surprised, I've fished with a few different UL rods and am used to playing both small and big fish on very light rods but this just felt so much different. I thought I'd hooked into a decent fish and was preparing to see a 2lb perch surface the way it was going but it surfaced as just a 3/4lb perch! I think the rod is that sensitive it transmits everything down the blank and the last third of the rod, bends over very easily with it being extra fast, the rod being longer than i am used to also must add to the feel. This combined leads to a fantastic feel with a fish on. The more i buy expensive tackle the more i feel those that don't are really missing out, i could never go back to a budget rod now just because its 'good for the money'. I fish allot and don't mind spending what it takes as i don't smoke or drink so like to use what money i have to get the best i can afford for something i enjoy and am quite obsessed with lol! As i say, the more expensive tackle really does give you a better feel and just does the job better.
I had a reasonable few hours with maybe about 20 fish, most of which were definitely spawned out, so hollow and sucked in around the body. I left feeling quite satisfied and all the waiting for the rod to come from Japan along with the expense now felt so worth while, i can't wait to use it more throughout the year!

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